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Little Pack Welcomes You with Open Paws

Little Pack is a locally owned and operated dog walking service located in the Westshore area. I'm an experienced dog walker, and spend most of my time learning and striving to be a reliable and trustworthy leader for the packs I get to work with. I understand the unique bond that forms between humans and their furry family members, and I strive to make sure the pups in my care are safe, secure, and having a great time while out on our walks.

I limit my walks to no more than six dogs per walk so that I can provide a safe, structured, and fun experience for each pup. We take advantage of designated dog friendly trails in the Westshore area. Little Pack services Langford, Colwood and the greater Westshore area.


I'm fully insured and bonded with Pro Fur and Intact Insurance and am Walks & Wags pet first aid certified, so you can rest assured your pup is in good hands.




My name is Rocky and I have been living in Victoria since 2002. I am passionate about animals, especially dogs, and I’m happiest when I’m outdoors walking my yellow lab, Noosh. I started Little Pack to be with Noosh every day, and to help give people and their fur babies a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I developed my love for dogs at a very young age. I grew up on a farm in the Kootenays and if left to my own devices my family could usually find me outside with the animals. I would spend hours with the dogs and the horses, making sure everyone was fed and getting the love they needed. I have a strong connection with dogs in particular thanks to my Grandmother who was a real life Dr Doolittle. I feel very grateful that I am able to take care of other peoples pets when they need the extra help.


We walk every day no matter what the weather is doing. Noosh keeps me very active! I found myself taking my friends dogs on pack walks with us and it just made sense to start Little Pack. I am constantly reading, taking courses, and keeping up to date on training with dogs to ensure I can provide the best service possible. The single most important thing to me is safety. I fully appreciate the trust that is involved with handing your pet over to someone else outside of your own orbit. I will put every effort into ensuring the balance of the packs. Our walks consist of structure, focus and lots of fun! Being allowed to explore the sights and sounds of the trails with new friends and a strong supportive leader is the every day goal. 

 Little Pack is the perfect way for me to spend my time doing exactly what I love.



  • Morning pick ups begin at 9:00 am. 

  • Afternoon pick ups begin at 12:30 pm.

  • Hikes are 1.5 - 2 hrs long.

  • Dogs will be transported to the trail head in our temperature controlled mini van. 

  • Crates and vehicle restraints are provided to keep your pet safe while in the vehicle. 

  • Water and treats (if agreed upon) will be provided.

  • Trail walks are off leash and in designated dog friendly areas. 

  • Pick up and drop off times are varied depending on location and traffic. 

  • Leashed walks are available to those with poor recall or high anxiety. 

  • Adventure hike 1 dog   $30

  • Adventure Hike 2 dogs $50

  • Full day 1 dog $50

  • Full day 2 dogs $100

  • Multiple dogs must be from same household or property. 

  • Minimum 1 walk/week to ensure pack consistency.

  • 1st hike is free!

  • We walk both on and off leash depending on client preference.



Please note that rates are subject to change and do not include taxes. 

At this time we cannot accept credit card payments.Once demand is shown we will begin using square. Until then we will accept direct deposit, e transfer and cash as payment options.

  • All Little Pack members must be licensed with CRD.

  • Puppies are party animals, so we have an age minimum of 8 months. 

  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered. 

  • We cannot accept large, strong dogs that have known and potentially dangerous reactivity issues.

  • All dogs must be vetted and observed before being accepted into our pack. We will arrange a meet and greet upon request to join our pack. 

  • Once vetted, dogs will be taken on an intro hike to determine pack suitability.

  • Dogs are expected to have basic commands like sit, stay and come. Strong recall is a must.


Get in Touch

Email Rocky about pack walks! We are currently accepting new members and look forward to hearing from you!

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Service Locations

Little Pack operates out of Happy Valley. We service Langford, Colwood, Royal Bay Mill Hill, Millstream, and the greater Westshore area. Some areas of View Royal considered.

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